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  • Welcome to Theydon Bois Baptist Church

    An Invitation…
                       Is this for you?

    Have you ever looked across The Green towards us and wondered what we do? What we’re like? Whether you would enjoy a service here? Make new friends amongst us? Have you ever felt that little tug… perhaps of curiosity? Perhaps of something less well defined? Have you wondered about God? What is He like? Does He even exist? Do you ever feel that, with all that you have, you are still searching for something in your life, but you don’t know what?

    If you can answer yes to any of these questions then this invitation is meant for you.

    You do not need to consider yourself as a ‘religious person’ to be welcome in God’s house, you need not have an established belief in God or a knowledge of His ways, a curiosity is enough. You do not need to come to services every Sunday, once-in-a-while is absolutely fine and you do not need to make a commitment or become a member of our Church Community to be welcomed by us all.

    We meet for a Family Service every Sunday at 10.30am till about 12pm, during which (throughout school term times) our children and young people retire to our rear hall for Sunday School activities and stories (under 3’s accompanied by an adult). Those who wish to, gather in the rear hall after the service for tea and a chat. We have a second service at 6pm. We take up a voluntary collection from the pews during the service and our children also hold a small, weekly voluntary collection for various good causes that they follow during Sunday School – but none of this is compulsory.

    So if you ever do feel like joining with us one Sunday, whatever your age, gender, status or background, please don’t feel shy or nervous, just come along and give us a try, we would be very pleased to see you.


    We hope you can find the information you're looking for on our website - if not, please contact us


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  • Amazing Facts about our Queen

    It's a 2.5min video to celebrate the Queen's 90 years with some surprising facts and ending with a great snippet of her talking about her faith in Jesus.  Click on the link for the Queen